1. K

    SDS100/SDS200: Sentinel program issues sds100 and osp

    I have a sds100 and all my programming is working except osp ohio state patrol I put it in its own favorite spot and no matter what it is only one that says nothing to scan no other is having this issue. I did use the frequency from the ohio marcs-ip multi agency part. i am using sentinal...
  2. R

    OSP Post 23 Talkgroup

    Does any one know the talkgroup number for Ohio Highway Patrol, Lancaster Post 23? I searched the DB and didn't find it.
  3. radioscan

    Palin Motorcade Comms

    Heard some interesting comms earlier this morning on tg 1840 OSP District 6 Events. It was being used by the OSP for the advanced detail clearing Interstate 71 ahead of VP Candidate Sarah Palin's motorcade as she left town. Why a District 6 talkgroup was being used in District 8 territory I can...