out of band

  1. Danny37

    ICOM IC-F4400 idas ham band mod?

    Anybody have any luck bringing down the f-4400 450-512mhz to 440mhz for ham radio? Been doing a ton of research and nothing is showing up for these idas portables. Also looking into the little brother f62d for the mod as well. Or possibly point me in the direction of someone who’s capable of...
  2. Danny37

    Can out of band transmit be harmful to a radio?

    I have a vx7200 that is 380-450MHz I was able to get it to go to 462.500 for GMRS. Could it in anyway effect the radio?
  3. centuryvrproductions

    MT1000 out of band HELP

    I Have a repeater i setup and it is on vhf band. i have 2 vhf MT1000 and 2 UHF MT1000's. I Need to program the UHF radios to VHF. I have all programming cables and RSS. How is this done? Any information would be helpful.