1. H

    Input frequencies for Oxford RCC

    Does anyone know the various input frequencies for Oxford RCC Fire Dispatch (154.0700)? There are multiple repeater inputs, Streaked Mountain, Spruce Mountain, and I think Black Mountain. Cannot find the input frequencies and associated PL tones. Thanks.
  2. afs030562

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: Oxford Mississippi

    I Replaced my Uniden BCD396XT with a Uniden BCD436HP setup & Optimized with Pro Voice, and DMR update. Out of the box, started running Nationwide and local ( set up by zip code ). Wow, was that easy. Received Oxford Police Department encluding all frequency settings and color code, the voice...
  3. A

    New Oxford PD Radios

    I live in Oxford and I had been listening to Oxford PD using a conventional scanner until they switched to a new type of radio a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure what kind of radio they now use, and I can't find anything here in the Databases about the new system. Where should I look to try to...
  4. radioscan

    Butler County P-25 Public Safety System

    This is the start of a STICKY for the new Butler County P-25 Public Safety System. This new system is expected to be fully operational on December 31, 2008. This system has already been created for the rr database and is currently staged. When activity starts to pick up I will release it for...