p25 conventional

  1. T

    P25/Kenwood-Viking Over the Air Alias

    I am looking into the possibility of over-the-air aliases being displayed instead of unit IDs across our Viking VP5000s and VM5000s (some NXDN Kenwoods as well). Currently, we have unit IDs and all mobile/command staff listed within subscribers. Which is more painful to change, hints why we...
  2. Kenwood and Motorola Radios

    Kenwood and Motorola Radios

    I am selling the following 2 way radio equipment: kenwood NX 5200K3 handheld vhf p25 radio. comes with home and car charger and mic. The following bands are enabled on it: DMR,NXDN and P25. 875.00 for it Kenwood 5730 mobile units comes with the power and control head cords( NO CONTROL HEADS ARE...
  3. SirJ

    APX8000 top displays UID

    So I noticed something which may be a programming error ? when on a p25 conventional system, while receiving a transmission the top Display-only shows two letters “ID”. Once they unkey it alternates between ID and the actual numbers for a few seconds. Is there a way to remove this alternative...
  4. J

    P25 Conventional - Header Info Collection

    Good day everyone. First off I would like to thank this excellent community for all the help they offer people. I would like to also thank all the open source developers in regards to SDR and GR. I have a question for the community and hopefully someone out there may have an answer. I have...
  5. S

    Interested in scanning and new to amateur/ham P25 (Non-trunking)

    Hello! I have been a analog scanner since I was 16 and I've learned a good amount about simplex and repeater operations in analog. I am now 22 and with my knowledge, I went ahead and got my GMRS license to participate in nets and use repeaters. Its all very exciting! Im now working on acquiring...
  6. Floridarailfanning

    SDRTrunk SDRTrunk Conventional P25 Not Unmuting on Most Calls

    I am running v0.5 alpha 6 and have not had any issues when monitoring various trunked systems, but with conventional C4FM SDRTrunk keeps missing unencrypted voice calls. The odd thing is that the decode is great, very little sync loss reported, and the NAC, TGID, RID, and Algo, are all correctly...
  7. SirJ

    WTB Thales liberty charger

    Looking for a thales NSN 1600701 Charger for the prc7335 liberty radio.
  8. BC2001

    Hazard PD Encryption Question

    I noticed that Hazard PD is listed as fully encrypted on the database on a frequency of 155.415. However, I have been hearing P25 traffic on that channel (with the matching NAC 002) a lot tonight. That being said, I live in Bell County, so I am not receiving it too strongly. It sounds like how...
  9. michaelbrown2018

    McNairy County Sheriff's Office went digital

    Finally to the point to test out our new simulcast radio system. McNairy County Sheriff's Office was switched over to the new system yesterday, as they also went digital. The difference in communications has been amazing. "Can you hear me now"? YES!!! Next step is to switch Fire over as well. So...
  10. S

    Whistler 1040 - Programming Conventional P25 Frequencies

    A friend of a friend was upgrading to a Phase II Digital and sold me his near-mint Whistler 1040 for 200 dollars. Thinking I would get into scanning, I bought it off of him, because I liked the idea of having a digital scanner on the cheap. I'm trying to program the (photo) attached frequencies...
  11. J

    P25 conventional in Knoxville?

    Anyone heard of, or using P25 conventional in the Knoxville area?
  12. J

    P25 Conventional System

    I'm wanting to set up a Motorola Quantar as a P25 repeater with multiple talkgroups for our FD. My thought was to set up a talkgroup for each district. Each talkgroup would have the same NAC but different TGID. We will be running XTS2500 VHF / XTL2500 VHF units on the system. One drawback is...