p25 phase 2

  1. R

    Uniden HP2 and connecting to CLMRN

    I’m looking for help on how, if possible, to be able To connect my father’s homepatrol 2 to any of the local state police frequencies. (We are in Litchfield co) My father used scanners for years, but as we all know much has changed over the past years since he’s used a scanner. As for me, I know...
  2. J

    436HP Not hearing P25 Phase 2 in Wichita Falls, TX

    Just moved to Wichita Falls Tx and it is a p25 phase 2 for PD. I bought a BCD-436HP so I could listen to them the other day. Problem is that I hear everything but Wichita Falls P25 system. The radio lights up dispatch like someone is talking but there is no sound or just a static sound for a...
  3. villlythekid

    BCD996P2: Need Help Programming System

    I am using FreeScan to try to program this system: Prince George's County Trunking System, Various, Maryland - Scanner Frequencies (Prince George's County Trunking System) I went onto Reddit to r/policescanner and someone sent me a 996 file through gofile.io with the system set-up, but it...
  4. Devin_88

    BCD325P2: I Can't hear York County, P25 on my BCD325P2.

    I tried programing my BCD325P2 for York County, PA's P25 system, its a Harris P25 Phase 2 system. I can get a signal from my local site, and I see the channel Id's, but I don't hear any audio. I have a P25 Phase 2 system by Motorola already programed from my Primary Country and it works...
  5. G


    I just purchased the Uniden BCD436HP handheld scanner (with "home patrol" ZIP Code programming), primarily for listening to LVMPD. I entered several Las Vegas ZIP codes, including my friend's ZIP code, 89117 (Summerlin) and I never saw the "new" P25 Phase II system come up on the scanner. Worked...
  6. D

    BCDx36HP: P25 Phase 2 comms disappear then come back

    A few of us on the yahoo chat group for the 536 seem to be experiencing the same problem: P25 Phase 2 communications seem to randomly stop being received by the unit. Turn the unit on and analog, DMR and other comms come through. P25 Phase talk groups are silent. Then, mysteriously, it wakes...
  7. B

    Who is using P25 Phase II ??

    I am looking for information on the P25 Phase II APCO radios. Who is using them, what brands are being used and is anyone experiencing any troubles with them? Thanks!
  8. 5

    P25 Phase 2 Help required

    Hello All, I'm Non US based radio addict, just recently police department in my city upgraded to P25 Phase 2 TDMA from UHF 800 MHz band 3 site EDACS system. I'm hopeful talk-groups and site structure will remains same and non encrypted. As of now i don't know frequencies or other...
  9. K

    EDACS and P25 ll

    Hello, I'm new to scanning and I've been listening online for a long time. I am wanting to get my first scanner. I've been trying to do my research and find a scanner that scans EDACS and P25 ll for (Denver, and Adams counties). Does anyone have some pointers on a good scanner for both systems...
  10. marine_hm

    Is my RS Pro106 P25 phase 2 compatible?

    Can anyone tell me if my RS Pro 106 is P25 Phase ii compatible? My area went Phase ii back in Nov 2014. I dusted off my scanner the other day and silence. I talked to someone today I thought was pretty knowledgable, who said that I just needed the right frequency/trunkgroup in the scan list...
  11. P

    City of OKC hires consultant for P25 Phase II

    In light of P.J. Maguire's discussion about Tulsa and P25 Phase II, The City of OKC recently contracted with TUSA Consulting out of Covington, LA. "...for Professional Services to assist in the analysis/planning phase and after the adoption of a migration strategy and funding plan; to assist...
  12. J

    PSR 800 question

    I recently (Saturday) updated all of my PSR 800 software to the latest so that I could monitor the local Harris P25 Phase 2 system in Bibb County, Ga. I was surprised at how well it is receiving the transmissions..... some are crystal clear but many more are garbled beyond understanding. Is...
  13. Nessus

    BCD996P2 Photos and Technical Discussion

    This is a request for photos of the internals of BCD996P2. In order to get an idea what is needed, please take a look at the photos located here: http://forums.radioreference.com/voice-control-channel-decoding-software/113335-unitrunker-p25-raw-signal-must-filtered-2.html#post2395013 and...
  14. K

    Riverside PSEC

    Question about the PSEC system. i just bought by BCD436HP unit a few weeks ago and have been monitoring the system and of course i know that all police agencies TGID's are encrypted, but today i noticed that i programmed it as P25 X2-TDMA, not P25 TRUNK. I have heard clear talk on N/W call...
  15. tateconcepts

    Frisco / Little Elm amatuers and a newbie hello to Fort Worth old timers

    Hello all, This is my first post at Radio Reference and to say - thank you to all who have posted excellent radio analysis and other relevant information to help those new to amateur radio - especially those of you here in this thread as well. While this thread is dedicated to discussing...
  16. N

    Orange County P25 Encrypted or just Phase 2

    Are the sheriff and police talkgroups really encrypted, or are they just garbled as a result of them using the P25 Phase 2? From what I have read, only the GRE800 will listen to prelim Phase 2 digital and no scanner can decode Phase 2 in its final form (as of yet anyways). More specifically the...