p25 receive problems

  1. G

    Need Help with BCT15X Upload Issue

    Using freescan when I try to upload I get the following error. System is a P25 system and is only supported by the digital scanners. As a result, it will not get uploaded. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong. I also have a BCD996XT and a few weeks ago when I received it and used freescan it...
  2. jedi1000

    Polk County, Fl. P25 Simulcast Problems??

    Since Polk County turned on the new Simulcast system, a friend and I have been experiencing reception problems on 7 diferent scanners. (Uniden and GRE) The signal strength meter will fluctuate from 1 to all bars and then it will cycle again, etc. This is the only system in Florida that we have...