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    P7200 800 mHz Conventional

    I have a non-profit disaster response NGO. The state donated a P7200 handheld for disaster use. Florida has a conventional 800mhz disaster bank. The radio is programmed with the Statewide Law Enforcement Response Service (SLERS) EDACS. I need somebody that can delete the SLERS EDACS and leave...
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    Harris XG-75Pe & MaCOM P7200 Sounds

    Would anyone have or be able to obtain a recording of the key up sounds for the Harris XG-75Pe and MaCOM P7200 radios?
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    Harris M/A-Com P7200

    Good Day I just bought a M/A-Com P7200 which I plan to use it as a scanner for my local P25 phase I. When I turn it on, it prompt OpenSky then pls Log in. After reading the manual, I managed to switch it to ECP mode by type 1# on keyboard. However, here is my first problem. The P7200 reboot...