pa state police

  1. thescannerdude123

    Chester County Prison Escapee Danelo Cavalcante - Listening Options

    There are a lot of agencies working this case. Can we start a list of frequencies and TG's that are being used so people can listen in on the search? Anything from local PD, US Marshals, Corrections, PA State Police (both land and air), anyone else. I know some will not be available, but for...
  2. D

    PA State Police on pro106

    Hello, I just bought a pro106 and I loaded Philly, Bucks, and Montco... but I'm confused about loading the State Police. Are there any conventional frequencies still active? And can I monitor the State Police DIGITAL frequencies on my Pro106? Thanks very much!
  3. S

    Is there a live feed for State Police on Rt 22?

    Today, I was heading into Robinson Twp when I saw NO LESS than 15 tractor trailers pulled over on four or five different exit ramps. NO trucks on the road, but ALL trucks that were pulled over were on the exit ramps. This seemed a bit odd to me. The officers on all of the traffic stops were ALL...