1. S

    DMR packet

    I'm trying to understand these packets. First column analysis: 1.) D2 - 210 2.) 52 -> hex: 82 - packet number 3.) 5F5F0D1C2204A1B2C3D4341F971D6 - date, where last two digits are day 4.) 6705 - seconds (?) 8.) 1499 - in 90% same value, but there are few packets with value like BC53 or 9489 9.)...
  2. P

    SDR# TETRA IPv4 network decoding and capturing

    Greetings! Today I am releasing an early version of TETRAMonitor SDR# plugin (property of TSSDR) with packet capturing support. I've been testing it last night and it successfuly decoded over 200KB of IPv4 packets with 96.6% success rate (good IPv4/UDP length, good IPv4/UDP checksum). I can...
  3. F

    Kenwood: 710G Packet / TNC

    Hello all.. I've been using my 710G for APRS for a while now in my vehicle. I got a second one though to use for Packet radio in my mobile go kit. I'm running into an issue though getting the TNC to respond properly. I've tried three different USB to Serial converts and two different cables to...
  4. WX9RLT

    FTM-400 & The ISS

    Does anyone know how to set up the FTM-400 so we can do packets with the ISS? In depth tutorial would be awesome :) We have searched the net with no results :(
  5. N2AL

    Affordable Radio Packet Data Modem

    Hey everyone! Thanks for taking a moment to read this thread, and for offering any assistance you may be able to lend. I am looking for an affordable radio packet data modem, but I do not know where to begin. I've found the PACTOR modems, but I am not willing or able to pay close to $1,500.00...
  6. P

    GP300 with TinyTrak 3

    I've got a couple of spare GP300's that I've been wanting to configure for APRS. The thing that stumps me is what is the best way to go about modifying a GP series radio for such a task? Is their a way to go through a header similar to that of the J1 header on the Radius/Maxtrac/GM300 series...
  7. A

    Question about Yaesu FT-7900R and Packet

    I'm thinking about buying a Yaesu FT-7900R as first transceiver but I'd like to be sure that I'd be able to use packet for things like APRS, AGWTracker or Multipsk, ISS BBS (anyone have a tutorial on that btw?), through my soundcard on my computer. Yaesu says that there is a 1200/9600 bps...
  8. D

    Using a TT4 for packet radio

    Has anyone been able to set their tt4 up to use as a packet radio station? I have set the TT4 to KISS mode but am not able to get it to communicate with any of the packet radio programs I've tried. Any detailed info on how to set this up would be appreciated. Thanks,