1. S

    Grey County Fire

    Since the end of @SimcoeCtyFirePages on the platform formerly known as Twitter, I have been looking into setting up something that would cover a roughly similar area. I also hope I can manage to figure out what they were doing to make it so convenient, there is one problem though, when I monitor...
  2. M

    Kenwood NX300k Help

    My department is in the process of switching our "beloved" Motorola HT1250's out for some new-to-us Kenwood NX300 and NX800 radios. These radio were purchased from a local police department and we are doing all the programming in house. So far, we haven't had many issues, but I am getting a lot...
  3. K

    Hamilton County Communications Center Paging

    Can someone tell me exactly what 158.805000 "Hamilton County Communications Center Administative/Paging" is used for? I hear what I "think" is data being sent at the same time I can hear "TONES" on the analog simulcast fire/ems dispatch. Just wondering if this is something that can be decoded...
  4. XLC_Comm442

    WestNet Voice Files

    Does anybody happen to have the voice files for a WestNet station alerting system? Looking for the auto Dispatch recording that play when receiving a call. Thanks in advance.
  5. S

    Record Transmission automatically after Quick Call II System has been received

    Is it possible to program an HT1250 with a recording option board to record Transmission(s) automatically after a Quick Call II System has been received, instead of having to manually hold down a pre programmed record button. Thanks for the help in advance !
  6. marksroberson

    Ht1000 page Acknowledge

    I have a HT1000 UHF I talk on local repeaters with to another Motorola guy. He can send me pages with MDC1200 on repeaters without a delay and I recieve them fine but what I want to do is make my HT1000 send a acknowledgement page back to him, I can not find a setting in the MDC options page for...
  7. S

    Two Tone Detect Help!

    I am new to this whole program. I was thrust into the position rather quickly and am in need of some assistance so please bare with me, I am trying to enter the fire department tones into the tone editor. However some departments have a mutual aid agreement so they have separate tones. For...
  8. W

    SoCal Facebook Page

    For all of us Facebook users, it can be nice to have a place were we can ask a question or just share knowledge in a place were we go relatively frequently. If you have a Facebook account and live in or around the Southern California area, check out this page...
  9. J

    Page Channel

    I tried searching the threads for an answer to this question with no luck. Apologies if this has been answered before. I just bought a TK-290 and the KPG-38D software. When I was a volly at a rural ambulance service, we had a page channel that would only open the channel after a 2-tone alert...
  10. M

    Ht1250 quick call

    When my page goes on on my ht1250 it plays the alert sound but doesn't play the pager after it just goes back to silent. does anyone know how to have a call received button? so when you hit it the tone stops and the page plays
  11. J

    ASTRO group call

    Can anyone help me to set up a group call in ASTRO mode? I can do individual calls with no problems, but when I try to send a group call, I get a message on the display that says "INVALID ENTRY". I would also like to set up an audible alert tone as an attention getter in ASTRO. Is this...
  12. scansomd

    Bath Page camping resort in Urbana

    The wife and I are camping at the Beth Page facility in Urbana this Memorial day. It seems to me a camping facility of this size must have a conventional frequency or two to manage the day to day operations, etc. I could not locate anything in the Middlesex County frequency directory. Anyone...
  13. WX9RLT

    IPN Network

    I am a "dispatcher" for IPN Incidents Sponsored by Incident Page Network Well lately every post I make on there I get "warned" for a wrong post in category or some other stupid reason. My question is, who else is a "dispatcher" on there, and if you encounter the same problem? I am going...
  14. K

    who is responsible?

    Our fire department is paged thru the county sheriffs department dispatch center. If there is a problem with radio coverage in certain areas, who is responsible for correcting the problem as well as the cost for fixing it? Any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
  15. M

    Adams County Tones

    I am trying to "get smart" on the tones Adams County, Pennsylvania uses for fire dispatch. I know that the Quick Call II style tones are for the pagers; with a "B" group tone assigned to each station, allowing 1+1 for ambulances, officers, fire police, etc. I am good with the concept, but does...
  16. riccom

    North Lousiana incident page

    This page is for any happening from robbery or and major mva or ect... Location and department and type of incident and if you can the frequency or trunked system your monitoring The map will define the area so basicly from Alaxandria north bound
  17. riccom

    South Lousiana incident page

    This page is for any happening from robbery or and major mva or ect... Location and department and type of incident and if you can the frequency or trunked system your monitoring The map will define the area so basicly from south of Alaexandria