pager tone decoding

  1. W2IRT

    BCD996P2: Recording multiple toneouts on one transmission

    Hi all, I'm using ProScan to record and capture FD toneouts in my local area and I've run into a problem. In my area, there are dozens of easily-receivable departments that tone out on 158.94. I'm curious if it's possible to capture each set of tones in the event that a dispatch pages multiple...
  2. Armyconrad

    Jefferson County "County Fire" Pager System

    Does anyone have a list of tones that Jefferson County uses to dispatch "County Fire" and the tone Hz1 and Hz2 values? (I may be phrasing that wrong) I've found a list for "City Fire" but can't find one for the county. By Hz1 I mean the frequency that goes in the box in the left column and Hz2 I...
  3. matty909


    I am still in search of a updated list of la county fire tones, preferably Battalion 19 Battalion 15 and Bonelli Park lifeguards or any other updated tones, the ones listed in RadioReference Wiki are out of date and some do not work due to changes I've only used the copter tones and USAR 103 but...
  4. nhfdcadet

    decoding pager tones

    is anyone here capable of decoding pager tones like with comtekk or something similar i need those tones decoded so i can put them in my pager anyone who is able to decode them please email me, post them in a reply, or send me a pm or get me on aim...