panama city

  1. marksroberson


    Was combing through FCC licenses in my county and noticed this one: FCC Callsign WRHW811 (PDV Spectrum Holding Company, LLC) ( Was wondering if anyone in Okaloosa, Bay, Escambia or Leon had ever heard anything on these frequencies. The radio service says trunked, but emission...
  2. marksroberson

    SARnet Panama City?

    After hurricane Michael a SARnet repeater was installed in Panama City. I have been monitoring it since it was first on air. but now there is no traffic. I even tried keying it up and throwing my call sign out and have not heard it comeback. I checked the SARnet website and it says it is online...
  3. C

    Panama Rep. possible Typo

    Scanner Frequencies: Panama National Government Trunking System, Various, Countrywide Regarding this link page above, I think there is a typo on the frequencies since I see two frequencies that are duplicated side by side on the chart. 853.83750 and 863.41250 are duplicated on the "Panama...