1. XBrandonEdwardX

    Canada's Wonderland

    Hey everyone, I just had a question to see if there was any updates on Canada's Wonderland as I see that the last bit of information was published a few years back. It's possible it's still the same, but worth popping the question.
  2. pipes8e

    Cleveland Metro Parks Transmissions

    Have the Cleveland Metro Parks encrypted their transmissions? I'm still figuring out my RS Pro-106, but I'm successfully listening to several other agencies on the Cuyahoga County MARCS system. When scanning, the scanner will indicate there is a transmission on the Metro Parks frequencies...
  3. K

    police on 155.7

    We recently visited Oak Park Heights Minnesota at a bed and breakfast. I brought the Baofeng UV-3R with me. It had some frequencies preprogrammed in it when I got it. I changed to a channel that had 155.7 Mhz programmed in it which was picking out local police in the area. I'm not sure if this...