patching talkgroups

  1. MTL_Emergencies

    Unication G4 not picking up Radio ID when listening to patched Talkgroups

    I'm listening a simulcast trunked system (SERAM, P25 Phase II) and for some reason the G4 is not displaying Radio IDs when picking up talkgroups from a patch. It does display Radio IDs from regular talkgroups (non-patched) even in Phase II. Other scanners like a Uniden 436HP and OP25 do pickup...
  2. lakeboatnut

    Region 6 police dispatch

    Can anyone tell me what geographic areas are covered by MSP Region six N. and S. dispatch channels. To me it seems as if one or the other are used and not both at the same time. I have heard traffic from the same geographic area on both channels. So it almost seems that regions six usses one...