paul opitz

  1. UnidenSupport

    Bittersweet Goodbye

    Hey Guys. Just wanted to reach out on behalf of the company, Our President wanted to share this with you all. I hope this brings peace to all mourning. To our Uniden Scanner Partners It is with tremendous regret to inform you all that Paul Opitz passed away this weekend, on Saturday evening...
  2. V

    Paul Opitz passes away at age 59 after his battle with cancer

    I just received word that Paul Opitz (UPMan) passed away Saturday from his long battle with cancer. He was surrounded by family when he passed. That is all the news I have at this time. To say he will be missed is an understatement.
  3. garys

    My Uniden Customer Service/Repair Center Gripe

    This is a low level gripe and not a rant. I've been a happy Uniden customer since the mid 1980s. I've had a lot of scanners and been happy with them all. In that time, the only scanners I've had to send in for service are x36HP units. When it comes to warranty repairs, I'm really happy with...
  4. S

    Wishing you the best UpMan

    Hoping for the best in the least amount of time. May you be catching flak here again soon.