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    PC/IF Cable for Whistler 1065

    Does anyone know where to find a PC/IF Cable that will work with this scanner? I know it came with one in the box, but I have long since misplaced it since I've had the scanner for awhile. I bought one off of Amazon but it doesn't seem to work. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Pinout for Pro164 PC/IF cable

    I need help on building a usb cable for my pro 164 scanner. if someone can send me a pinout of the stereo plug corresponding to the USB data pins (+5v, data+, data-, -5v) i would greatly appreciate it. I refuse to pay $30 for something that should cost only $10 because radioshack is greedy...
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    PC/IF Protocol Documentation

    Hello all, I'm a software guy by trade, and I'd like to write my own software for programming my RadioShack Pro 106. I've been trying to find the documentation for the protocols that are used. The GRE PSR-500 manual lists the "Remote Control Protocol" in Appendix A and the "CCDump" protocol...