1. Maxagonzales

    Phoenix Regional Wireless Cooperative - Special Call

    Hello All, I just want to know what is a special call, is that for a fire dispatch or major incident? i found this on here Phoenix Regional Wireless Cooperative - Special Call - Tone A: 1555.2 Hz Tone B: 339.6 Hz I wonder if this will work here in tucson for tone a and b since they use a...
  2. Maxagonzales

    Rural Metro / AMR tone search Pima County (Tucson)

    Hello all! TL:dr need help setting up tones on my BCD436HP scanner, but impatient to search for tones or they are the wrong tones. Live in Tucson and around the PCWIN network and I would like to know what the tones for AMR EMS Transport for Paramedic 838 and paramedic 830, there dispatched...
  3. D

    Tucson, AZ

    So I guess I'm the only feed for Tucson Police and Pima County Sheriff's I have Locked Out all crosstalk and tac channels. I have been seeing that I am only get about 15-20 listeners any tips on gaining more (guess I want to be popular)
  4. G

    BCD436HP: Pima County - PCWIN - No TPD reception

    Greetings! New unit, ran Sentinel, updated to latest, and now it shows the PCWIN system. Yes, I enabled LAW dispatch LAW talk LAW tac. The Pima County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) come through 5/5. TPD never comes through. I've manually sat on TPD F3 (midtown dispatch) and TPD F4 (east dispatch)...
  5. M

    Pima County Wireless Integrated Network

    Hi. I'm new to this forum so forgive me if I am repeating something that was already posted. As of yesterday, the Tucson Police Department switched over to the PCWIN (Pima County Wireless Integrated Network) and no longer transmits on the old system. For many years I have enjoyed listening to...
  6. FLANO

    PCWIN - Pima County Wireless Integrated Network

    Hello folks, Just to let you know, I put PCWIN back in a pre-stage since the system is still not yet active. RR's policy is to display only active systems, so I was required to hide it for the moment. When it finally gets to the stage of testing, I'll turn the display back on. -...