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  1. Uniden SDS-100 w/ 32gb microsd / Remtronix Antenna - No Scratches

    Uniden SDS-100 w/ 32gb microsd / Remtronix Antenna - No Scratches

    Uniden SDS-100 * Bought 1/2021 * Works Great - Little Use. ** NO SCRATCHES !! * Upgraded to 32gb sd (will include original) * Upgraded to Remtronix Antenna (will include the original). * No added DMR or NXDN etc. * Great Shape in original box' * Adult owned - non smoker - never left the house...
  2. AK4FD

    ARC536: Phase-2 Trunking System issue on ARC-536

    Gommert, I'm not sure if this has been brought to your data engineer people but for some reason when I use ARC-536 Pro to Import any P25 Phase-2 systems using the RR Import it is putting it in ARC-536 as a P25 X2-TDMA system, which they aren't because that was specific to Motorola's...
  3. rvacs

    Unication Receive Types - Motorolla Type II Smartzone to P25

    As we start seeing more and more movement from older systems (EDACS / Motorolla Type II Smartzone) to P25 Phase I or Phase II. I notice more and more agencies running them in parallel till the switch. I look at Oklahoma Tulsa - Motorola Type II Smartzone - also running OKWIN Phase I P25...
  4. rvacs

    G4 to G5 - Learning Curve? Profile imports?

    Hello All, First of all love my Unication G4. Just tried a new SDS100 with latest firmware and it couldn't even come close to SIMULCAST Phase 1. Thinking about upgrading to Unication G5. Seems Texas DPS uses 154-160Mhz. P25 statewide. How hard of a learning curve is it to upgrade to G5. I...
  5. rvacs

    Galveston PD - TxWARN - Which Frequencies?

    Hello All, Getting my Radio setup before I travel for some Vacation to Galveston. When looking at the Database for Frequencies I see: Galveston - 2 frequencies - 1 control channel and 1 alternate and then farther down is: Galveston County Simulcast - 1 control channel and 1 alternate and...
  6. M

    Fairfax County, Phase II Yet?

    I've noticed that Fairfax County radio traffic has decreased significantly on my 396XT (No Phase II) since December. I still hear some police and fire, but not as much as I used to. Does anyone know what the status of Fairfax shifting to Phase II is? I'm not sure if this is the reason I...
  7. S

    Fort Worth Regional Radio System(Grapevine PD)

    Anyone listening to Grapevine PD on the Fort Worth system? Just moved here and I'm curious if a phase II scanner is required. Thank You.
  8. C

    WS1088: WS1088 Las Vegas, Need advise

    Undoubtedly you guys are sick and tired of guys like me who have not kept up with the latest technology asking stupid questions. But, here goes... I'm a former cop who used to love listening to the police scanner. I've been a licensed Private Investigator for 40 years. So listening to the...
  9. A

    Clackamas county Sheriff & Fire Phase II Upgrade Encryption question

    I was hoping to create a broadcastify feed for Clackamas County fire and in the future the Law enforcement side in the next month or so. I have been discussing the upgrade of CCOM system with a knowledgeable source in preparation of creating the feed. This person stated that CCOM and...
  10. L

    Looking for new scanner

    Hi Have been out of the scanner world for a few years, trying to get back into it, but I know that a lot has changed in the last few years. Looking for a cheap(money) portable trunk tracking radio that will scan the Phase II. I am Madison County, IL and most everybody in this county is on...
  11. T

    Confused about P25 Phase 2 system

    I am looking into to buying a police scanner. The areas I would be using it in (Knox, Blount, and Sevier counties in Tennessee) seem to use the P25 Phase II system. I understand that the scanner would have to be compatible with this system. While researching online I saw that the phase 2...
  12. R

    Sedgwick County and Wichita scanning questions

    I used to scan Sedgwick County and Wichita on a Radio Shack Pro-97 before they went digital. In October I purchased a BCD436HP and think I have it set up correctly but feel like I'm missing alot of traffic. I've created a favorites list to whittle down the talk groups I'm monitoring...
  13. R

    Permian Basin Regional Interoperability Network Abandoned?

    New Radio System Will Allow Better Communication For Odessa' Saw this story. Anyone have any info on it? Are they going solo like Midland did, or is the, what seems to be, un-utilized, Wide Area Network being abandoned? Or is the network going to convert to Phase II? The impression is...
  14. GTR8000

    DSDPlus: P25 Phase II TDMA Samples

    Here are three raw samples from a P25 Phase II TDMA system. The first is control channel data containing Phase II IDEN_UP messages and voice channel grants; the other two are TDMA voice samples. Note that the control channel data is not in sync with the voice samples...
  15. CM1

    Single Frequency P25

    Can a single frequency (vhf or uhf) that is using P25 only use phase 1? or...Can they optionally use X2 or phase 2 on the single frequency? I always hear/read about X2 and phase 2 as it relates to trunking, but was just curious how this might/could work with a single frequency using P25?
  16. GTR8000

    Project 25 Phase II

    I updated the Phase II TDMA section of the Project 25 page. Hopefully this clears up some of the "X2-TDMA" vs "Phase II TDMA" confusion around here! Project 25 - The RadioReference Wiki