philadelphia monitoring

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    Philadelphia Medic Reports

    I recently began scanning in Philadelphia and seem to be having trouble picking up the Ambulance-Hospital reports. My scanner (WS1065) is receiving signal from the city trunked system as I am picking up police/fire dispatch fine, but for ambulance reports, there is essentially nothing coming...
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    Monitoring Philly PD from Delaware County

    Question for anyone with experience listening to the digital Philly PD freqs in Delco. I wondered if that system would be "hearable" from home in the Springfield Delco area on a digital handheld (with/without a roof antenna?) Tnx!
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    HP-1 Use in Del. Co., PA

    Considering purchasing the HP-1 and wonder if any forum members have experience using one in Delco, PA. I'm a longtime scanner user and ham but have monitored mostly within my county for the last ten years or so. Would like to expand my listening (the easy way) to trunked and digital broadcasts...