phoenix fire

  1. J

    Phoenix Fire public web incident page down

    Does anyone know why the Phoenix Fire Regional Dispatch Center public web page has been down for several days? Phoenix Fire Department Incidents
  2. CTWaters

    Phoenix Fire Station Nicknames

    Hey all... Anyone have a listing of all the Phoenix Fire Station nicknames? When the automated system goes down, there's two guys that do manual dispatch and crack me up. One of them starts his calls with the old "Emergency" Tone-Out from the TV show, and then goes on to dispatch. Both of...
  3. J

    Phoenix Regional Fire Dispatch All Call Programming

    Has anyone been successful programming a G5 for the Phoenix, Arizona Fire Dept Regional Dispatch Center All Call tone(s) on either 154.19 MHz or P25? All call is used for greater alarm notifications and shows as 339.6 Hz. Sometimes it seems to be one long tone. Other times it is two long tones...
  4. J

    Fire Tone Out Phoenix Pager Frequencies

    Phoenix Fire Department seems to use a variety of pager tone combinations on its main dispatch frequency 154.19 MHz to announce incidents that tie up large numbers of resources across cities, such as greater alarms and major hazmat situations. These pager tones apparently alert senior personnel...
  5. D

    Phoenix Talk Groups

    I wil be traveling to Phoenix/Scottsdale next week and could not identify freqs/systems/talk groups for the Maricopa Fire Service. Any suggestions on where to locate them in the data base?...thank you. Ray V., Aiken, SC
  6. D

    Programming Phoenix/Mesa Fire into a Pro 96

    Hi All, I must be going out of my mind here so I can use some help. I am using the following frequencies to hear these channels but my Pro-2096 is not picking up any activity. I have them set to FM mode and can hear them fine on the RR website or the iPhone but nothing on the scanner. What...