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    Phoenix P.D.

    Can anybody tell me the latest freqencies that PHX PD are using, I currently have the Radio Shack Pro-651 scanner. I am having some trouble programming these to my scannert, any help at all would be much appreciated!
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    RWC Simulcast A Best Sites

    I am trying to add RWC Simulcast A to my scanners after a couple years of successfully monitoring Simulcast H from near Hayden and Chaparral Roads with 5 bars and solid audio on PRO-197's and a BCD996XT. However, when I turn my Larsen YA5740W yagi antenna father west to aim toward the closest...
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    Phoenix Police to Encrypt More Radio Traffic

    The Arizona Republic reports Phoenix police have decided to encrypt emergency police-radio traffic related to crimes in progress, a move that will reduce by about 18 percent the agency’s scanner traffic audible to the public, said Sgt. Trent Crump, a department spokesman. full story at...
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    Phoenix Police

    Does anyone have the 800 digital frequencies for Phoenix PD... The ones that I have programmed don't seem to work. I can sit on a channel all day and not hear any audio. Thanks!