1. edweirdFL

    2021 Phoenix Open

    Looks like this is the FCC STA for Bearcom
  2. R

    Public Safety Home Monitoring Hobby

    Im guessing i cant be the only one who's hobby is monitoring the traffic cam, CAD and radio, for fun. My girlfriend thinks its a weird hobby, but hey, at least its not expensive. Well, i take that back. Who else has this hobby and gets those funny looks from your wife? Heres my public safety...
  3. J

    Simulcast Maps & Talkgroup Sites

    Here are suggestions for 1) presenting simulcast sites on the Site Details pages, and 2) matching talkgroups to sites. These observations are based mainly on the Arizona Regional Wireless Cooperative (RWC) but probably apply more broadly to many other systems. SIMULCAST MAPS It would be...
  4. V

    Phoenix Area Taxi Frequencies

    I haven't come across any information on Taxi dispatch frequencies in this forum or the databases on the site. I've heard traffic on these frequencies: 152.2850 MHz - Yellow Cab (FCC License Name: AAA CAB SERVICE INC., dba GREATER PHOENIX TRANSPORTATION) 452.7750 MHz - Discount Cab (FCC...
  5. D

    Regional Wireless and Topaz Merger official

    Announced earlier today that what started in 2007 as a divorce after plans for a unified communications trunking system throughout the Phoenix Metro area were abandoned with Mesa, Gilbert and some other communities south and east of Phoenix creating their own all digital trunking system it was...
  6. W

    Visiting from IL with Pro197

    Hello Arizonians, I am in town for the holidays and brought along my pro 197. I have programed in most of the phoenix pd and fire system and frequencies but I don't want to hear it all just whats a round me, I figured out the police precincts and what talkgroups to monitor but I don't know what...
  7. A

    Phoenix Police

    Does anyone have the 800 digital frequencies for Phoenix PD... The ones that I have programmed don't seem to work. I can sit on a channel all day and not hear any audio. Thanks!