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    Radio Shack PRO 162 / Tacoma, WA - Public Safety

    I need some help programming my pro 162 for Tacoma Washington fire and police.
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    Future of digital in Pierce and King? (which scanner should I buy?)

    I've been scanning conventional systems with my ham gear for a long time. Now that Tacoma has moved to a trunking system, I'm interested in purchasing a dedicated scanner. I do most of my scanning mobile, and I'm really interested in location-based scanning, so I've been looking at the Uniden...
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    Pierce County, Washington Public Safety

    I recently bought a RS Pro-107, which has all of radioreference.com stored on a 2gb sd card. As I look at the frequencies for Tacoma, Washingrton, I am finding that there are a whole bunch of old freqs, no longer used by Tacoma Police> 460.050, 460.150, 460.300, etc. Pierce County, including...