1. Samg381

    Thales Liberty - Heavy Duty Headset

    I own several (discontinued) Thales Liberty radios. I am looking for an over-the-ear PTT headset. I have contacted Thales, who confirmed that their remaining stock of accessories is gone. Pictured above is the listing for the Thales model. I know for certain all Thales audio accessories were...
  2. L

    PiRLP Pinout for TK-790

    I'm trying to set up my PiRLP with a Kenwood TK-790 VHF transceiver. These transceivers have a DB-25 connector that has everything you would ever need to connect devises like the PiRLP (headsets, horn relays, etc.). Here is what I've got so far: PiRLP Pin Kenwood TK-790 1 - No...
  3. DylanMadigan

    CDM 1550-LS+ Accessory Pinout Question

    Is there a pin that provides +12v, but only when the radio is powered on? I know there is a +12 out, but that's always on. I didn't see anything in the manual, but as a new guy (not entirely sure what I'm doing) I figured i would double check.