pirate radio

  1. IC-R20

    Anyone else in the Kingman area able to check for unlicensed chatter on 450.800 MHz?

    While doing a 450-460 range search non-stop the past couple weeks to try and find any new businesses that haven't been added to the database yet I came across this strange couple of people using 450.800 MHz simplex analog with no tone mostly from the northern parts of town. If there is anyone...
  2. allandunn

    Old Time Radio on 6770

    Is this a pirate? Hearing it in Massachusetts with no id"s.
  3. W

    Any Pirate Radio DX'ers here?

    One of the most vibrant group of broadcasters are the pirates who hang out on or around 6925khz. They don't have a lot of power but they make up for it in personality and variety. Tonight, I logged Radio Ga-Ga on 6925khz USB playing Joe Cocker, AC/DC and CCR amongst others. In previous weeks...
  4. L

    FM Pirate in Winston Salem?

    I picked this one up on 101.7 MHz on my car radio at 2:40 this afternoon in the Hanes Mall area. They ID’d as “Free Radio Winston.” They were playing music and the “mad as hell” monolog from “Network.” The station was full quieting on Silas Creek Parkway from Stratford Road to Main Street...
  5. K

    255.550 Mhz Pirates are Active

    Just a heads up to anyone intrested, 255.550 Mhz is active with pirate traffic right now coming in loud and clear into Northeast Ohio. Sounds like spanish to me.
  6. S

    6925 Uncle Bob

    I have some videos here of this morning about 7:00am when I went to the lake and got some video clips of my setup, and a 44100khz recording rate from my cameras stereo digital sound recorder. http://www.youtube.com/user/Radiation8