1. K

    PL 259 Connectors

    We'll start with the TLDR: Having bad luck with cheap PL-259 connectors and want something that won't make me want to scream. Full version: For my job, I've been soldering to DB-9 and DB-25 connectors for over 20 years. Have never had an issue. I bought some LMR-240 cable and some solder...
  2. Disk4mat

    Need confirmation I got the right connectors etc for use with BCD996P2

    Still some what new to scanning. Been doing allot of reading and research and this forum is a great resource. I wanted to confirm I got what I needed. I bought: Harvest D220R Mini Discone Antenna (Male PL259 connector) Mag Mount SO-239 Connection to PL259 Plug BNC Male to SO-239 Female adapter...
  3. M

    SWR Advice

    Hi I am pretty new to Ham radio, so I offer the following. I recently strung a G5RV Pro ZS6BKW Optimized with 1:1 Balun. It is about 55 feet in the trees, but that is not the point. When attempting to tune the SWR I...
  4. S

    CDM750 Antenna

    What type of adapter do I need to connect my CDM750 to an antenna with a PL-259 connector? Thank you.
  5. 4

    Long Wire Antenna for HF

    Greetings, I'm looking for advice on a long wire antenna for HF operations. I'm look at the 20 meter band as my place to start. I have a PL-259 connector and a spool of speaker wire from Radio Shack. The idea I had was to run the wire directly into the connector and then use a rope to put the...
  6. abear27

    PL259/SO239 Connecters on Scanner Antennas

    Why are there wideband scanner antennas with SO-239 connectors on them? The PL-259 that mates with the SO-239 is described as "does not work well above 300 MHz". What does that mean in practical terms though? I know it is challenging to make a single antenna that "works well" for a wide...
  7. A

    Trouble Locating Groundblock for PL-259/SO-239

    Hello, I've currently got my scanner connected to a CB Antenna mounted on side of my roof. Currently I don't have it grounded and would very much like too. I'm looking for a ground block with SO-239 connectors. F Groundblock's can be had pretty cheaply, but I don't want to mess with too...