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    Hatzalah South Florida

    Does anyone know the correct frequency for Hatzalah South Florida (formally Hatzalah Miami)? Site Name County Freqs 001 (1) Miami Beach Miami-Dade 461.5125 (CC 1) 002 (2) North Miami Miami-Dade 462.175 (CC 1) 003 (3) Aventura Miami-Dade 463.200 (CC 1) 004 (4) Countyline Miami-Dade...
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    CP200 Analog - PL Code Programming Issue

    Hello, I am running into some issues when programming my CP200's. I have 8 frequencies licensed with the FCC and want to take full advantage of the 16 channels on the radios. I have programmed separate CTCSS tones, but I seem to be walking over the channel that has the same frequency (despite...
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    Monroe county-Monroe ambulance

    Does anyone know what the freq and pl code for "old monroe" is? This is the ch. they used prior to moving from smith st I think. I have 186.2 but not hearing anything when I key up on the ch. Thanks in advance!