1. K

    XPR Motorola XPR6350 Codeplug issues (model no. AAH55QDC9LA1AN)

    Hello everyone, I am a complete newbies when it comes to radio programming, I recently found a bunch of XPR 6350's thrown into a dumpster (I work for a local big pharma that apparently got an upgrade on their radios). Now I'm a las year CS student, and I know how to get around programming, but...
  2. S

    BCD436HP: Scan while plugged in (solution)

    I can’t believe I just found this after 5 years and thousands of AA batteries... figured I’d share the idea, works great Lenink AA Battery Power Supply Adapter,Replace 3 AA Battery,White
  3. W8HDU

    RS Pro-106 Power Connector

    Does anyone know for certain the specications for the power plug which goes into the side of the radio? It appears that it's a 4mm barrel, but I'm unsure of the center pin. Manual doesn't say. I'm trying to make a custom power cable for my radio.
  4. K

    Regency HR-28 2 meter

    I recently acquired a Regency HR-28 transceiver at a ham fest; unfortunately the power cord did not accompany this purchase. Though this is a mobile unit I would like to use it in my home. Please advise on setting up this transceiver. p.s. forgive my ignorance as I am new to amateur radio
  5. R

    Code Plug help for Saber RSS

    Hey all, Some how I finally got my Saber RSS too work on my laptop in DOS. I tried it a few weeks ago and it seemed like the COM1 port wasnt working. Well I finally got it to read tonight. I have a Saber I UHF, Saber II UHF and 3 Saber II VHF Securenet. I was able to change the Saber I...
  6. txffemt13

    Pro 96 Power issues...

    I got my hands on the Pro 96 when they first came out. For the most part, I have been happy with it. The clip on the rear of the scanner did break about a year ago. I finally bought the cable and software to program it to. Now, the scanner will no longer charge or work on a/c power due to a...