1. T

    SDR# [Help Needed] Using SDR# for Loading and Decoding POCSAG IQ Signals from Hard Drive

    Hey guys, a colleague of mine needs to use SDR# to decode POCSAG signals stored on his hard drive. Following problems have I found: 1) As far as I found out now, the only way to load files from the hard drive is by using the Baseband File Player. I doubt that any of the example files (e.g...
  2. AK4FD

    Palm Beach County POCSAG Ending...

    Well, this is a sad day in PBC history. For those that don’t know, PBCFR’s old “Command 1” frequency (453.150 MHz) was converted many years ago to their alpha-numeric paging channel to send calls out to crews POCSAG pagers after they switched over to their old Analog Trunking system. It was...
  3. MikeTheListener

    SDR# Where does SDR# store messages ?

    Does the PocSag plug-in from SDR# actually store the messages somewhere? If so, where can I find them? Best thanks and greetings, Mike
  4. D

    Pocsag freq

    Hi there, Does anyone know if Los Angeles and around still use Pocsag and maybe the freq? I just recently moved here from Europe, so if anyone could give some recommendations that would be very great! Thank you
  5. J

    PDW Can't Get PDW to Work!!

    I am beating my head on the wall trying to get PDW to work with SDR#. I have attached some pics of the setup with hopes someone can pick out what my issues is/are. I am using RTL-SDR and VB cable. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
  6. melona380

    Lancaster county Pageing systems

    Are there any POCSAG or FLEX systems in Lincoln besides St e's ?
  7. G

    Pocsag Numeric and RLL

    Hi There, I am trying to send binary data over pocsag numeric. This works fine until I try to send a sequence 0xfffff (five times 0xF or more). Because of an unfortunate coincidence, this sequence is sent over the line as 0xffffffff. There is a 10 bit BCH code and a parity included in the...
  8. S

    Palm Beach County Pager Frequencies?

    Hello, I am interested in monitoring / decoding radio pager messages (POCSAG, FLEX, etc.) I am wondering if anybody knows of any frequencies used in Palm Beach County. I already know of 453.1500, which is what Palm Beach County Fire Rescue uses for their POCSAG pager dispatching, but I was...
  9. AlaskaRadar

    Missoula Digital (pocsag) paging

    Looking to see if anyone has a list of Capcodes used in Missoula County for the digital pageing. I have one Capcode but it only seems to be used in Missoula city. I have Some Ravalli capcodes as well but would like to know if there is a list someplace. Thanks
  10. B

    Anyone have experience decoding POCSAG or FLEX?

    I am trying to use PDW a program to decode pocsag and flex paging protocols but I am having some trouble... Can anyone help? P.S. Moderators, If I posted this in the wrong place please move it for me. Thank you!