1. R

    Some General DMR Questions

    Hi all, New user here and I'm hoping this is the right section to discuss some general DMR questions I've come up against. I've been studying DMR and am aware of the three tiers. The gist I have is Tier 1 is based off of PMR466 in the EU and is analog. Tier II brings digital capability while...
  2. Deziel0495

    Re-broadcasting a private feed

    This question is more towards Lindsay or the live audio admins but feel free to discuss. There are a few live scanner feeds in my area self hosted by numerous people. They do not want or don't know how to broadcast using the Broadcastify platform. With their permission, is it against RR/BCFY...
  3. 902

    Washington, D.C. - Obama Seeks to Expand Airwaves for Wireless Use

    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration will invest $40 million in the next year and another $60 million over the next five years to free more of the nation’s airwaves for use by consumers in wireless broadband networks, the White House announced Friday. The effort is meant to build on a 2010...
  4. kenshabby

    To encrypt or not encrypt?

    City explains tornado siren policy