poor reception

  1. tweakersmacker

    pro 96 scans when in search mode,but picks up little(update required if its never been done?)

    hello my name is scott the tweakersmacker.im new to this culture but ive always been super curious about it ,thus the new/old pro 96 I picked up for a few dollars. im not sure why when its on search that it doesn't get much reception. could it need some sort of a update from an online source...
  2. M

    problem with BCD436HP

    My scanner BCD436HP will not listen to stations for more than 5 seconds before disconnecting the sound and then proceeding again. I upgraded to firmware version 1.02.07. I tested it by listening to a simple FM radio station in my area and for a signal that my radio picks up it has a poor...
  3. lamontrc

    Pro 163 CTCSS Poor Reception Question

    I am having trouble getting my local PD / Sheriff frequencies to come in clearly. The two freqs I am having trouble with are 465.1000 and 465.3000 . They do not seem to be listed in the RR database. Jefferson County, Iowa (IA) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference Many that are...