portable & mobile radios

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    Standard HX381

    Hi, I recently came across a Standard HX381 hand held VHF radio. Apparently this is used primarily for use in the Marine world, so I thought I would ask my question here. The exact model is a Standard HX381V (AA). I have done some Googling and searching here in the forums and have been...
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    How to increase my ems portable range

    Hi, i have a kenwood tk272g transceiver that i use on the job, i take call from home which is about 25 miles from base and i have to keep my portable in a window to receive radio traffic and there are also several dead spots between my home and ems base. Does anyone have suggestions on how to...
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    Need Scanner for Waldo County, Maine

    Hi All, I'm new to the "scanner scene", and am a search and rescue member in Waldo County, Maine. I'm looking for some advice for the best kind/style of PORTABLE scanner for use in my area, Waldo County, Maine, where I am on a search and rescue squad. Waldo County, Penobscot County, Knox...
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    DM Emergency Lights & Supplies

    As a Local Supplier/Dealer of Police LED Lights, Fire Truck Lights, Warning Lights, Emergency Light Bars, and Emergency Vehicle Lighting Equipment, Trucking & Towing Supplies & Accessories , DM Emergency Lights are your solution for your lighting needs. We carry a variety of LED Lights...