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    Crossbanding VTAC and UTAC Channels

    Hope this is the right place for this: We have a bit of an interoperability problem where I am at. (Bet you haven't heard that before.) The LEO in the county are on UHF, the FDs and EMS are on VHF analog. I'm curious what the thoughts of some of the more seasoned radio technicians are on this...
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    Portable and Mobile Radios

    Hello, I have a pretty basic question, but is puzzling me. My site has a P25 Phase 2 radio system by Motorola. I Now need to buy additional portables and mobiles, with cost being the main concern. Do other manufacturers make portables and mobiles that will play nice with the Motorola head end...
  3. J

    CPS for XTL1500,XTL2500 and XTS2500

    Does anyone know it the CPS software is the same for the XTS 2500 portable and the XTL1500 and XTL2500 mobiles? I know they need separate cables and I have the software and cable for the portables and just want to know if all I need is the cable for the mobiles.
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    orange county ny fire

    hi everyone i was wonder on fire fighters portables the freq for orange county ny fire grounds channels 1-10 are those the freqs all firefighters have on there portables?
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    Need advice on what Radio to purchase for monitoring

    I am trying to get a radio for communications within the 450-512mhz band of UHF-High. I am debating about getting just a p-25 compliant analog versus spending the extra to get a P-25 digital. I monitor in Southern California mostly, and LAPD seems to be the primary group that I communicate...
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    LTR system using Vertex VX-427A portables

    Has anyone had any intermod problems using VX-427's for LTR?