1. 5stormchasers

    2011 Chevy Impala Firerighter/EMR Pov Install

    Install pics of my Chevy Impala. Feniex 4200 mini controller for all lights. Feniex Cannon hideaway red/white in the reverse lights also function as back up lights. When I put the car in reverse, the white leds come on. Much brighter than factory bulbs. Very simple, just cut the power wire to...
  2. 5stormchasers

    Firefighter/EMR response car

    This thread is for my pov. I am a certified Level 2 firefighter as well as a certified First Responder. Changing vehicles from my 2006 Tacoma to either an 08 Nissan Altima or an 08 Chevy Impala. I wanted to start this thread to get some input first. I am open for ideas, comments, and criticisms...
  3. D

    2006 Chevy Tahoe LT POV Setup

    I'm a volunteer firefighter and currently obtaining my EMT status. My vehicle is primarily used to respond to the station but occasionally I respond direct. I also am a ham radio operator. I do apologize in advance since the quality of the photos are bad, but the uploader wouldn't let me upload...