1. BlueDevil

    PM1500 Blowing Fuses

    I have a Motorola PM1500 that is blowing the inline power fuse every time the power is connected to the radio. This started occurring after the truck that the radio is in was jump started. I am thinking that something was damaged within the radio causing the positive connection to go to ground...
  2. Salvatorejrc

    SDS100 battery issue

    I bought an sds100 about a week ago and I love it but I think it may have a battery problem. I get about an hour, not even like 45 minutes just on the battery itself and it doesn't matter what I'm scanning, while the big battery is boasted to last around 6 hours. I fully charged it to see if...
  3. S

    Best way to determine real transmit power for FRS radio?

    Hi, I am trying to find FRS radios that have the most actual transmit power within the limits (0.5/2W depending on channel). There is an old thread asking a similar question with a couple of recommendations here: Seems like the bigger names like Motorola and Midland do not market or publish...
  4. M

    Homepatrol 2 & Eneloop Pro Batteries Issue!

    Hello all, I typically use the Eneloop 2000 mAh white batteries in my Homepatrol 2 scanner. I decided to pick up some 2450 mAh Eneloop Pro batteries, thinking I'd get a little more time in between battery change-outs (I don't charge in the scanner). Well, the Eneloop Pro's won't power up the...
  5. D

    Uniden BCD436HP won't turn on, no repairs from Canada?

    I have in my possession two Uniden BCD436HP model scanners, one is mine and the other is a friends. They have had their share of run time over the past year since we purchased them, but now they don't "run" at all...…….:( I can not get them to boot up and I have tried everything I can think of...
  6. KK4JUG

    SDS-100 Color Power consumption

    The customizable color display is nice but it's not a necessity for me. I'm wondering if the color display consumes more power than the black and white and, if so, is it enough to matter?
  7. stantorres

    Scanners/ham radios that power on with ignition?

    What scanners and ham radio's (mobiles) can be vehicle mounted and will turn on when I start the car without me having to manually press the power button?
  8. S

    CDM1250 audio & 1550 power questions

    I have googled and search this forum till my eyes are dry. 1.) I have a CDM 1250 that I bought used knowing that the seller told me there was no speaker audio. Besides RX/speaker audio it works and transmits fine. Seller stated it was originally used as a paging radio and he used it for a APRS...
  9. fdnyfish

    RF Power adjustment CDM750

    I have purchased a few used CDM750's over the last 6 months for small projects. I run into the same problem on Low Power models as well as High power models. I'm not getting the correct RF power when I test the power out on a meter, I have tried a few different meters and antennas. Using a...
  10. B

    Hytera MD-652 Question

    How do i get this mobile to turn off and on whenever i turn my vehicle off and on? I know this sounds lazy but i do get tired of turning this radio on and off everytime i get in and out of the vehicle. I know i would have to wire the radio into a 12 volt hot wire that would be controlled by...
  11. R

    AC or DC Power Supply?

    Hello all. New to the forum, not new to radios. For years i've been running an external DC supply (Astron, homebrew, etc.) to power my scanners and Ham rigs. I'm not a fan of switching supplies, as they're over-prone to rf hash. What's the consensus on here - use a small wall-wart (like...
  12. K

    CP200 Loose Battery Causing Radio to Turn OFf

    Hello all, We have several CP200 VHF radios currently in use at my organization. We are going through and doing inventory of these radios and just about all of them have a loose battery causing the radio to shut off and on. Many of the users have resorted to methods of keeping the battery from...
  13. apx7000xe

    TK-2170 Problems

    I have a TK-2170 VHF that will not power on. I have tried multiple batteries and I can't get anything. I was programming it and I wrote the code plug and it cut off and now it is dead. Anybody know what could've happened? I really need this radio back in service.
  14. N

    TRX-2: Mobile installation

    I purchased a TRX-2 specifically for the remote control head feature to install it in my daily driver but in testing it became clear that you run the risk of corrupting the SD card if you just drop the power when you turn the car off. For those of you that have installed the TRX-2 in your...
  15. DylanMadigan

    Can I auto power on the CDM1550-LS+?

    I see the option in CPS but it is grayed out. I know it's possible for these to turn on with vehicle power, as our FD uses them, but mine seem to not let me do that. I got mine used on ebay through some police department.
  16. W8HDU

    RS Pro-106 Power Connector

    Does anyone know for certain the specications for the power plug which goes into the side of the radio? It appears that it's a 4mm barrel, but I'm unsure of the center pin. Manual doesn't say. I'm trying to make a custom power cable for my radio.
  17. D

    Johnson Messenger 4145 power hook up

    I don't know much about CB Radios but I just got my hand on the Johnson Messenger 4145 and don't have any power cables for it. What would I need to connect it to a car and possibly home power? Any and all help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  18. K

    Earthmate GPS

    Rather than paying $80 to 100 for a new GPS receiver, I am going to try using my Earthmate GPS. My question is this....The Earthmate has a USB connection, but the BCD996XT has a serial port. I am thinking of building a cable to connect the two, with a female serial port and a female USB. Looking...
  19. W

    BCD436HP: Power/Charging

    If I am reading the manual correctly you cannot listen to the scanner and charge it at the same time. How do I get around that? If this is correct are they just trying to make you buy two units, one for home and one to carry?
  20. J

    CDM 1250

    Hello, I have a Motorola CDM 1250 mobile radio mounted in a fire apparatus. Upon powering up the radio works properly, however once you activate the mic to transmit, the radio powers off. Any ideas what might be causing this?