power amplifier

  1. T

    Motorola Quantar Power Amplifier Fried

    Hello, I have a VHF 125 watt Quantar that burned its power amplifier. Has anyone else ever seen this happen? I think it over heated due to the fans on the front of the amplifier failing to turn on.
  2. A

    [Help] Best way to convert VX-5500 lowband power.

    I am trying to find the best way for converting the VX-5500 low-band's power to either 20 or 50 watts. Problem: The VX-5500 low-band has a switch to change power for high to 70 watts, and for low 30 watts. Our amplifier which comes from Tokyo Hy Power (206LB) has an input of 10, 20, and 50...
  3. trboman17

    HT1250 VHF - Busted PA?

    Hi! I recently purchased two VHF (136 - 174 MHz) HT1250s on eBay (I know, I know :roll:) that I suspect might both have busted PAs; what luck! Unfortunately, I don't have a power meter or the right equipment for that matter to confirm my suspicion, but a friend and I tested the pair out and...