1. Oconee269

    Private Ambulance Services

    Does anyone have any frequencies for private EMS companies in the Upstate? Especially Prisma Health Ambulance Service, formerly Mobile Care, in Greenville. I know they are on digital but that is all.
  2. C

    Private Call

    On Nebraska State Radio system I just listen to 2 ppl talking. One said this a private call. Is there away too detect this on the scanner?
  3. A

    Help setting up in Sarasota! $$$ for you!

    Hello, I am new to the forum and completely new to radios and trunking. I purchased a Uniden BCD996P2 to do some independent journalism and to no surprise, programming is a nightmare. I tried using freescan to program the settings straight from RR, but copy and paste is about as far as my...
  4. S

    PL Tones (newbie to radios)

    Hi there, What’s the difference between PL and DPL? Cheers, Dean
  5. laythrom

    Private Trunking or Conventional?

    First off, let me say that if this is in the wrong location on the forum, I apologize. Secondly, let me explain the situation and why I made this post. *Disclaimer - I'm no where near an expert on radio comms, just a little bit to be dangerous; I am talking to a couple companies to get things...
  6. mcjones2013

    Paladin Private Security

    Has anyone ever seen Paladin Security talking on any frequency or system locally? Or are they on Nextel (or whatever it's called these days)?
  7. FireFighterChissy

    Creating a private channel / frequency

    Hi there, I am new to using and programing portable radios. I am a volunteer firefighter and I have recently purchased a Motorola GP338 Plus portable radio, I will soon be programming it to pick up local fire department frequencies. What I was wondering is if it is possible that I could talk...