pro 106 fail

  1. GeneseeCoMI

    Pro-106: How to display Pro 106 battery life level?

    I bet this has probably been asked here a thousand times before, but how do I make a Pro 106 display how much juice is left in its batteries? I always run it off of NiMH's and leave it plugged into the wall with the AC adapter that matches what's in the manual when I'm not using it, but I drove...
  2. D

    omg what'd i just do?

    hi everyone, new guy here. i have a pro 106 for the last 8 months and like it good, i just got the butel software cd at radioshack today that covers the 106, gre 500 etc, installed it plugged it in and it doesn't recognize anything. all fields are blank and to make it worse my scanner itself is...