pro-106 program

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    Connecting Pro-106 to Raspberry Pi

    Hello all, I've been searching far and wide for a solution to my problem, and so far have come up with nothing that has worked. I am running Raspbian OS on my Raspberry Pi, which is a slim build of Linux. I would like for my Pro-106 and my Raspberry Pi to communicate via the USB cable. Wine...
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    PRO 106 Issues

    I have a Pro-106, Have had it for a while it has been in my Chiefs Truck plugged in for some time and only gets power when the truck is on so the batteries dont over charge. I took it out of the truck the other day and it will turn on and all the screen displays is uP BootVer:RF1.2, and some...
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    Programming Cable For RadioShack Scanners

    I bought I programming cable today and when I tried to installed it I can't. I have Windows Vista and it doesn't go by what the instructions say. And its says don't let it auto choose a driver for it because it won't work. How can I get that to work on my laptop. Here Is What Comes Up On The...