pro-106 tsys talkgroup

  1. D

    Pro-106 will no longer scan Trunking Talkgroups. Please Help!

    I've had my RS Pro-106 for about 8 months and love it. I used WIN 500 to program it and it has worked like a charm since. About 2 days ago my scanner quit picking up all Indiana Motorola 800 MHz. traffic. I'm not sure if I locked out the talkgroup or what, but no matter what I try I cannot...
  2. S

    PRO-106 Not receiving DC & Baltimore Trunk Frequencies - Very frustrating

    If I could get some help on this, it would be very much appreciated. I have the PRO-106, ARC-500 sw, and link to the Radio Reference Database. I wanted to receive Wash DC & Baltimore Trunked Scanned Frequencies. I have downloaded & updated the scanner with the appropriate links using ARC-500...
  3. acedzero

    Unable to receive anything on Pearland, TX Frequencies

    Within the last few days I have stopped receiving anything for Pearland frequencies. I have a Uniden BC396T. I'm not sure what happened? Using ARC396 Pro, I redownloaded the data I have and sent it to the scanner again... no dice. Did something change? I'm kind of at a loss here...
  4. U

    How To Listen To TalkGroups | Pro-106

    I got my talkgroups to say "NO TSYS" but fixed that. Now when I hit scan. I listen to the talkgroup but nothing ever comes over it. I ask the people at radio shack they didn't know what to do to it. So I hope some one here can help me on this. What do i have to do to listen to the talkgroup...