pro 106 win500

  1. W

    Butler County Kansas

    Running Pro-106 w/v2.1 firmware. Got a clone from Mark in Derby. Seems to work OK except Augusta PD is garbled and infrequent. Read this: and also did the tweaks here: Easier to Read...
  2. M

    win 500 v 2.02 usb/com cable problem

    I am running win 500 v 2.02 and using radioshack 20-047 pc cable. I have used the cable to program my radioshack pro 106 digital scanner. Everything has always worked great for the past two years. I went to download data from my scanner to the win 500 software and this message comes up "Error...
  3. R

    No audio on trunkgroup.

    Hi and thanks in advance for any helpful replies. I have a brand new pro-106 and am a new subscriber to RR, have win500 on my computer and imported most of the frequencies for my area (Lincoln/ Pott counties) into my scanner and have an external antenna (discone) on a pole outside. Conventional...
  4. richrisdon

    Question with Win500 and a Pro106

    I am gonig to buy a Pro 106 Scanner on wednesday for Northern Virginia (Alex, Fairfax, Arlington, DC, STARS). I purchased Win500 last night and here is my question. When I use Win 500 and Download the Frequency and Talk Groups, Will i need to go into the Talking Tables within Win500 and pick a...