1. mijo

    New at trunking need help

    Hello I have a Pro-93 radio shack scanner i have had it for many years but just used it for regular scanning i was informed that Pawnee county,ks now uses some trunking. so i set one of my banks to trunking MOT but i am not hearing anything so not sure if i set it up correctly the closet place...
  2. Deziel0495

    Pro-651 and P25

    So I know the 651 can receive P25 Phase 1 systems but there is something in the specs that confuses me. Anyone know what this means? 9600bps control channel trunking systems: No APCO 25 digital trunking systems: Yes From what I read up on P25 digital trunking systems, isn't all control...
  3. N

    PRO-164 From Ebay Wont Trunk!?!?

    I just received a PRO-164 from ebay, claimed to be tested and guaranteed working. I have a PRO-95 that is working just fine (besides missing transmissions due to re-banding... why I got the 164). I have taken my bands from Win95 and transferred them into Win97 to upload to the PRO-164. I have...
  4. S

    Pro-163 talk groups. San Diego

    Hello all, I recently bought a used pro-163 scanner for use in my car, in San Diego. Im brand new to scanning but am excited to learn! Im having some problems getting the scanner to listen to talk groups. As I said, I'm in San Diego and I have learned that we have a Motorola trunking system...
  5. B

    PRO 2053 scanning but not picking anything up

    Hey guys, I have a 2053 that just came to me a few days ago. I'm having trouble picking up my 800mhz channels. If I scan manually through them they will broadcast, but if I select "scan" it scans through the banks but won't pick anything up. These 800mhz channels are on a Motorolla type I...
  6. D

    Scanner Mod

    I got the RS PRO-405 scanner not too long ago, and was wonder if I could mod it to pull in the CB frequencies?
  7. WX9RLT

    What lovely setup I have ;p

    Well heres my lovely shack Feedback welcomed :) I am running a Scanner ~ Pro-197 RS digital scanner Software ~ Scanner Recorder Pro and for the feed I run Scannercast and also RadioFeed I have a paper with all the 10 codes, so if I forget a code, all I have to do is look at the sheet.
  8. M

    Pro-90 Trunking and Config Question

    I am trying to configure a friend's RS Pro-90 (BCT235XT clone), and got so far as to download his owner's manual for him and entered static channels. I think I've entered in his local trunking information correctly, with his control on bank 1, channel 1, and only related trunk channels on that...
  9. B

    Help finding parts (volume/squelch) pot for Pro-164

    I've searched as best I can and I'm just not coming up with any leads. Story is that I snapped of the volume knob (and shaft)... squelch knob still attached. I'm waiting to hear back from GRE to see if they can provide the part for a PSR-300. I called the local Shack and they said that over...
  10. ToDaMax

    Pro 197 issue

    I have had my PRO 197 for about a month now, to replace my old Pro 163. It has been working fabulously until very recently. The first problem was that i lost any reception to NOAA weather radio, and i am unable to get it, regardless of where i am. Second thing i noticed was that some channels...
  11. bcd396t_Honolulu

    PRO-2004 Maintenance Manual

    If anyone needs a PDF version of the PRO-2004 Maintenance Manual let me know. It is 35.5MB Zipped.
  12. Eastie

    Any tricks for the PRO-164?

    Does anyone have any cool tricks for the PRO-164?
  13. sheriff205

    radio shack pro 404 handheld scanner

    hey i have the pro 404 scanner for a birthday gift and i wanted to know if i could pick up ems to the hosipital or just ems. and what happened was all i have is stactic and then when i turn on the squlech its flat? and i was also gonna ask if u know what the police freq are that are not in the...
  14. I

    KCMO PD - can't recieve broadcasts...Pro-107

    Disclaimer: I am relatively new to wireless radio comms but I understand all the concepts (talkgroups, trunking, etc.) I just purchased a RadioShack Pro 107 (trunking scanner) and I receive comms from OP, Lenexa (I believe), Raytown, etc, but I live in middle KC and I am not getting any comms...
  15. F

    What Do You THink Of The Pro-84

    My Opinion the pro-84 is pretty good i bought mine for 40 bucks.
  16. J

    HELP! Programming Pro-164

    Hello, I just purchased my first scanner. When trying to program it, I learned all about trunking. I live in Volusia County, Florida. The numbers are here: Scanner Frequencies: Volusia County Public Safety Trunking System, Volusia County, Florida. My county uses the EDACS system. When I attempt...
  17. P

    Power Supply For The RS PRO-106 20-106

    Okay so you can use Alkaline Batteries and Rechargables. How about Lithium AA Batteries? What would be a good Power source for hooking up the RS PRO-106 20-106 to AC House Power? Any suggestions? A DC Adapater or some other way?