1. dbar

    NEW USER PRO-137 Skimpy Manual-How To Questions Not Addressed by Manual

    Seeking help using the Pro-137 scanner. I got the scanner for my boyfriend, but I’m the one figuring out how to use it. I am not a radio enthusiast and know little to nothing about them. Scanner was bought to use at Riverhead Raceway on Long Island just to hear the drivers. I figured out...
  2. H

    Tossup between antennas...need your help!

    Just purchased a PRO-137 to replace my old 16-channel uniden. It will be used primarily for the 150mhz range and some 800. it would be nice to get the other bands clearly as well, but not a necessity. I will be primarily using this in my apt, as well as on the road. My price range for either...