pro 160

  1. W

    can't/won't display ID's

    Hello I have just set my pro-160 up for rebanding which seems to be working ok. I can't see any of the ID's come up. They are still in the scanner but even if I use open mode and use the func + text nothing shows. I only have the one MOT bank and I changed the frequencies only in that bank...
  2. kel415

    what's wrong with pro160

    Reading around in most forums I see most scanners made are talked about but never see anything on a pro160. (unless I missed it) I picked up one from RS for 99.00 and was wondering if I should have. Seems to be working fine, was just wondering
  3. B

    New PRO160 lost and need ALOT of help

    Thanks for taking a look, any help that will put all this in english is great! Heres my background I live in Gadsden AL, county Etowah, i own a PRO160 scanner from RS. I have read every post and dont seem to be getting any great answers, so ill break it down. I live on top of a wooded...