pro 163 scanning

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    Pro-163 Trunking Set Up Complications

    I have a Radio Shack Pro-163 Triple Trunking Mobile Scanner and I am having trouble getting some banks set up as Trunking or defined as Trunking what ever you want to call it. I use ARC 300 software to program the scanner and get all my frequency from the Radio Reference data base. Any help...
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    A Preprogrammed Channel Question

    I am new to the scanning hobby, but i have found much by myself. I already have the Milwaukee County TRS programmed with my TGIDs, and i know i cant moniter the Opensky Standard that the City of Milwaukee has. However, when i let it pre-program itself with the 100+ channels, I am hearing streets...
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    Radio Shack Pro-163 Programming for a Novice

    I NEED HELP! I just got a pro-163 and am anxious to use it. I have saved my talk groups and when I go to scan them, I get the message "All Channels locked out!". What am I doing wrong?? The user manual is useless so anyone who has actually done this would be much more helpful