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    Pro-164: Pro 164 Won't Connect To Computer? Bad PC/IF Jack?

    So i've received a pro 164 that has definitely been used and slightly abused. It still works and i wouldn't suspect a bad PC/IF port if it weren't for the condition it is in...however the scanner still runs and operates great. Basically i bought one of the FTDI programming cables, (not the...
  2. jacktextor

    USB PC/IF Datacable Driver ???

    I have an RS 164 and running Windows 7, my data cable is an RS20-047. Im needing the cable driver for my new laptop. It can not be found here GRE America Inc. Any help would be great! Jack
  3. S

    Radioshack Pro-164 Help

    I’m having a problem fine tuning my scanner for my uses. I live in Alameda County, CA. I’ve figured out how to programs the frequencies for the city of Hayward. Since it’s just simple frequencies’ and a CTCSS Tone Code. But for other cities the all share on Alameda County’s' Motorola Type II...
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    OK, I took my Pro-164 to RadioShack and they programmed it for the Wichita area in about 30secs. I am only scanning block 4 which has the Sedgwick County trunk in it. My question is, after someone talks it starts scanning again and I don't hear the response, is this how it is supposed to work...
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    Pro-164 won't boot up

    I let my scanner run down today and when I plugged it back into the outlet, it wouldn't boot up. All that shows on the screen is: Boot Ver: F1.00. It has run down before and always came back on when I plugged it in. What do I need to do? Thanks, Dave