1. S

    ARC 300 and PRO-164 Download Issue

    I have a Pro-164 and I'm using ARC 300, I plug in the scanner and hit download, and on the scanner's screen it completes stating it has finished while in ARC 300 it reaches and gets stuck at what looks like 85-90%, at which nothing happens afterwards. I let it sit for about 10-15 minutes to see...
  2. FallenAnjel

    Rocky Point FD Frequencies

    I have a Pro-164 Radio Shack scanner that I use with a rubber duck antenna. I pick up Rocky Point (my hometown) and two neighboring towns with no problems even with the hills. As of today I'm just picking up intermittent static as if they're 10 miles away. I have three frequencies for...
  3. greatgoogly

    Pro-164 fmn?

    My local police just changed to 151.325 R D606 which I gather is "fmn", can I listen to this on a Pro-164? Currently I have it programmed in as "FM" as there is no "fmn" mode available to choose. If I leave it at FM will I receive the scanner traffic? Thanks?
  4. FallenAnjel

    Pro-164: cutting out on transmissions

    I posted about this in my other thread but maybe I should start a new thread. I had this problem another time and it got worse and worse until there were no more transmissions at all on the SCPD. (Everything else worked tho). RS repair only said on the papework, "Repaired to working order"...
  5. G

    Pro-164 Rebanded, Ready for P25 system?

    I am pretty new to all this digital trunking stuff but I was given a Pro-164 and I wanted to pickup the local sheriff dept,which is on P25 system. I realize that the Pro-164 is not digital and is not capable of scanning that type of system, I am almost positive,that i read somewhere, on one of...
  6. RadioGuy1951

    CA law Trunking

    I got my first scanners capable of rebanding (Pro 163 and Pro-164), and have updated the firmware... While I've been very familier with conventional comms for a very long time...trunking is new to me... I looked in the database here, and while all I want is LAW, FIRE, FORESTRY & EMS, what I...
  7. D

    Radio Shack PRO-164 no sound issue

    Hello, I've got a weird issue with my PRO-164. I've had the scanner for almost 2 years now and have never had any problems with it. I've listened to trunked systems (Anne Arundel County, MD), conventional (West Mifflin, PA & PA State Police Turnpike). I've even listened to CB's. This thing ran...
  8. proudpoppy

    Scannermaster Warning

    I bought a Pro-106 scanner from them on July 2, it took 10-days to arrive, then to my surprise it turned out to be a pro-164, when I contacted scannermaster they told me that they had little they could do, they only take the orders, someone at radioshack messed up, they called them and a pro-106...
  9. MagicMan08

    Pro-164 - 1st Accessories to Purchase?

    First things first I know a little bit about the hobby, but I am getting into it on my own for the first time. Long time lurker, first time poster. I live in the Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN central area with a trunked system and several college and fire freq's I'd like to monitor. (Clay...
  10. dondraper40

    RS Pro-164 and Project 25 Systems

    Old Radio Shack Pro-95 quit working at some point. Just purchased a RS Pro-164, a subscription to this site and used Win97 to import trunked public safety for Fulton County and it worked great! However, attempting to import other counties such as Forsyth, Gwinnett, Dekalb and Cobb and its says...
  11. P

    Pro-164 Programming

    Hi, I have a Pro-164 and trying to program some frequencies Ocean City Trunking System, Ocean City, Maryland - Scanner Frequencies here you can see these frequencies have a (dec) (hex) How do I program them into this unit? Thanks
  12. AK4FD

    Pro-164 skipping transmissions??

    I am hoping that somebody can help me with this issue I am having... I'm trunking a Motorola Type 2 SmartZone system and for some reason in the middle of transmissions the audio cuts out for a second or 2 and comes back on, causing me to miss an entire address or half a Driver License #, just...
  13. J

    Need scanner expert help quickly.

    I also recieved a PRO-164 for Christmas. I'm a newbie too. Looking at RR has taught me alot but there is so much information. I live in Albers ,Clinton County, Illinois. I'm looking to monitor Fire, EMS, POLICE trunking and regular frequencies. Including state police. I started programming the...
  14. B

    Pro-164 1.09 firmware with new coverage addendum

    Hello everyone im new here i just purchased a pro-164 from rs on sale sold my 97 and 94b anywho new unit has firmware 1.09 on it 1.08 is current on website has a updated frequency change update current -------------------------------------------------- new 764.000-766.996875...
  15. R

    Another Pro-164 Trunking Question

    Hey folks, Forgive me for asking, while I've gone through post after post, I guess I'm still missing something here. I picked up a Pro-164 on eBay and am working on programming it for a simple Motorola Type II Smartnet system. I've entered in each of the five frequencies listed on RR. One of...
  16. mdmceuensr

    Radio Shack PRO-164

    Does anyone know of a program software similar to the WIN500, but for Radio Shack’s PRO-164 Scanner. There has to be something out there better than Scan Cat.
  17. H

    Selecting Banks

    On the Pro-164, I have my banks set up by county. i.e. B1C1 County 1 SO B1C2 EMS B2C1 Different county SO etc. If something happens in county 1 is there a way to quickly just that county? I also own a 106 I'd like to know how to do this?
  18. C

    Programming Grundy County, IL into pro 164

    I just bought a pro-164 and programmed the frequencies for Grundy County, IL into it. I know there is something I am suppose to do per their somewhat new setup. Can anyone provide any help? I am sure it's probably simple, but this is throwing me for a loop. Thanks.
  19. kkirkpatrick

    Need advice on a new scanner purchase!

    I am looking to purchase a new handheld radio scanner. I currently have the Pro-97 and it has been working well up until the area I live in (Ogden area of Northern Utah) re-banded their frequencies. It still works but not like it did before they did this. I normally listen to all Police, Fire...
  20. AK4FD

    RadioShack PRO-164 text-tags?

    Hello all, I currently am using a RadioShack PRO-164 scanner to broadcast my live feed for my area. I have done endless searching on the net and can't find any answers to my question, so I'm hoping one or some of u may know... Is there ANY way to broadcast talkgroup tags with a PRO-164...