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    Radio Shack Scanner

    I lost my software disc for a Radio shack pro 18.. can anyone help with a link or a solution? Also, I have a Radio Shack Pro 668 that I may need to send in for repairs. I cannot access the card, and I need the driver to use with windows 10. thanks for any help, Tom W8TJD
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    St. Joseph- Pro 18 not picking up any signals?

    I just moved to St. Jo and bought a Pro 18 understanding that the pd/ems traffic was digital out here. (I have a Pro 107 that I've used for several years in Oregon). I have not been able to get any actual traffic on the scanner, I can get static on one conventional channel but can't pick up...
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    How to Import .gr5 pro197 data to pro-18??

    Thanks so much for reading this. I have a completed program list for my 197 and now i need that exact thing on the pro18. Cant find anyway to import the .gr5 file. I converted to CSV and cant find way to import that file. All I can find is on a talkgroup tab is import and it looks like...