pro-197 programming

  1. T

    SRRCS and the PRO-197 Help

    I am having trouble with the Sac Regional Radio Communications System (P25 Phase I). I have all the correct trunked system frequencies programmed, along with the talkgroups. However, I am not picking up anything it seems like. I can occasionally hear SSD, but not any of the other 10 talkgroups I...
  2. rjvalenta

    PRO-197 not receiving well - Icom is from same place

    hello all, a friend of mine bought a new Pro-197 not too long ago it seems... it sat on his desk with our local PD in it, he rarely used it... and eventually he called me and said he didn't want it anymore. i live in the Saint Louis (Kirkwood) area, and I thought this was an opportunity to...
  3. chanson

    PRO-197 Computer interface problems

    Can someone please help me before I tear my hair out. I'm not a scanner expert but have managed to program my own scanners for the past 20 years.I'm currently working on new scanner to monitor Houston's new P25 system. I have a PRO-197 and I can't even get the computer and scanner to talk to...
  4. T

    Digital codes for McComb and Pike County

    I am new to digital programming and need some assistance getting my dad's scanner working. He has a RS Pro-197 we are trying to program to get Pike County and McComb but can't figure out how to input. We have uploaded the conventional code listed in the database but do not work. I know they...