pro 2096

  1. T

    Wayne, NJ and Pro-2096

    My Mom loved listening to Wayne until they went project 25. I am trying to get her back on without spending too much. Can anyone comment on a used Pro-2096 and Wayne today. Thanks X WD8BIG
  2. countryfiregod

    Pro - 2096 No Audio on Digital

    Hey All, Im sitting here pulling what little hair I have left out , while programming a law enforcement friend's Pro-2096. I have programmed it the same way as I have programmed my own personal Pro-197 (which works perfectly) and I am not getting any audio on the Digital Talk Groups on the...
  3. whiterabbit_medic

    03 ford focus and apt shack

    This is my home shack with my 2 radio shack pro 2096 top one is scanning the Colorado DTRS and the bottom scans Air, UHF&VHF. The top uses the 800mhz rubber antenna from radio shack and the bottom uses the stock antenna that works for the limits of what I can get in my apartment( no window or...
  4. frazpo

    Pro 2096 sub banks display

    While in scan mode. The 3rd line indicates "T IDbk 01234" I realize if hit Func - Trunk this will indicate the bank # and the Ch # If I power off and on it will then show "T IDbk 01234" again. I am familiar with what is happening with the sub bank being turned off and on but why isn't it...
  5. D

    Programming Phoenix/Mesa Fire into a Pro 96

    Hi All, I must be going out of my mind here so I can use some help. I am using the following frequencies to hear these channels but my Pro-2096 is not picking up any activity. I have them set to FM mode and can hear them fine on the RR website or the iPhone but nothing on the scanner. What...